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Love your story

At some point in your life, you made the choice of not sharing your true self with the world. You realized somehow, that when you did .... your feelings got hurt or you were judged. It was just easier to hide that authentic you to spare any criticism, or just not showing that vulnerable side that hurts so much exposing.  

Maybe you believed that what you have to offer is not that much anyway, so why bother. Those insecurities are better hidden that out there in the public, right ? Maybe you don’t deal well with criticism or had a horrible past experience. Listen, I totally understand you, I have been there ... In that safe imaginary place where you know no one will get to you because those doors are shut.  

Well ... I am here to tell you that WE ARE ALL WORTH KNOWING. YES, you, me the person next to you. We all have a story worth sharing. We all have lived and learned something that will impact someone else’s life. So why keep it to yourself? Do you recall that saying “To the world you are just someone, but to someone you are the world”. BE that someone, that knowingly or unknowingly inspired  someone. 

Have you found your calling ? We all long to find that one thing that will fulfill our hearts with joy , your drive your mojo.... your life’s purpose. But sometimes in that search for self purpose, deep down, we believe the real us is unacceptable. So we present another version—one that looks less messy and more put together.

You see, if you hide the authentic you, you might just be robbing yourself from being someone else’s inspirations. That your story, good or bad might be someone else’s AHA moment to change their life’s for the better. Don’t ever feel you have to hide your essence. Open you arms and jump into this amazing adventure that is to be YOU and allow us all to know all those amazing qualities you have. 

Never let Your insecurities minimize your self-worth, nor let your fears silence your authenticity. Be normal,  be bold, be crazy, be weird, be anything you want to be. 

One thing I can assure you is that God’s plan was never for us to live tucked away, hiding in our I’m not good enough feelings. Do not conform to the world’s unreasonable standards. 

It’s so normal to fear failure, to be afraid of living authentic. It takes real grit to be honest about who you are and what you think. It takes guts to stand up and speak out for what you believe. 

I am here to tell you that your story matters, our stories even though very personal they are worth sharing, they are worth knowing. See, hardship moments are not about the suffering, the tears the pain but about the TRANSFORMATION,own it. The outcome is your reward and what  is more meaningful than that is to find out that whatever your story is ..... it inspired someone to make a better decision. Be intentional! Be authentic! Be you! When you least expect it, your life’s purpose will just be revealed to you.

I encourage you, to share your story or a chapter of it with me o with someone you love. I want to hear it. What makes you vulnerable now will be your strength tomorrow. My hope is to inspire someone, if that is you, then my call to write what I had in my heart today will be fulfilled. 


With love, 





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