Pre-Order Updates




    Dear Customer,

    This space was created to let our customers know the status of their preorders.

    Please know that the world is experiencing a global shipping crisis due to container shortage, affecting directly all industries that import and export goods.

    We are doing our best to keep you updated and informed. Please refer to this page first, if you have any questions. We try to update weekly or as we receive any important information.

    We are happy to share with you all the updates we receive from Loungefly and or any carrier delivering to our warehouse. We know how important these products are for you and we thank you for trusting us with your preorders. Please know dates are estimates. Sometimes our carriers make partial deliveries but the remaining items arrive a day or 2 later. Once we receive the items we proceed to print your shipping label.

    We are working on improving our communications. Feedback is always welcome :). 

    Partial Arrival means we received a portion of our order for that particular item. Sometimes we receive the backpacks first and then the wallet or vice versa. The remaining items are on their way to us and arriving soon. We will be shipping accordingly those orders that we can fulfill. 

    Arriving Next means our supplier has confirmed this order and they are preparing the shipment to come to us. The next step is when we receive a shipment confirmation with dates and time of arrival to our warehouse. generally happens within a few days after packaging confirmation.  

    Once we know the specific arrival dates we will update this page and add the arrival date.  

    I pre-ordered from your site and the name of my product is not listed above: If you preorder from us, it means your order is secured but it has not arrived on the market yet, and/or we have not received an update from our supplier. 





    Thank you for choosing to support our small business and for trusting us with your pre-orders. Spell Boutique is an authorized retailer for brands such as Loungefly, Danielle Nicole, buckle down, and many others. We have 1 storefront in South Miami and deliver worldwide (except Loungefly products). We are committed to maintaining our customers updated on preorders status and estimated arrival times to our warehouse. 

    WHY PREORDER? Please know that the main purpose of a pre-order is to guarantee you will receive the newest items coming to the market. Some items sell out on preorder night so customers love having the opportunity to secure their favorite merchandise before it is sold at stores. 2021 has challenged us in different ways, but mainly on delivery times. So we want to manage expectations and let you know that even though the wait is generally 1 month, some items may pass this time frame, due to shipping services delays.  

    WHEN NOT TO PREORDER We ask that if you are within a certain time frame, a birthday, planning to move, or simply can’t handle waiting for the above-mentioned timeframe we do not recommend pre-ordering. Please note some items arrive before others, we have no control over the time frame in which we receive inventory but can assure you it will be received and sent your way as soon as the shipment arrives at our warehouse.

    WHEN DO PREORDERS BECOME INSTOCK ITEMS When an item arrives at our facility ship all our preorders within 24-72h depending on the volume of the shipment. Then we transfer all arrivals from the PRE SALES TAB to the IN STOCK tab. If items are sold out during preorder we may or may not restock, it all depends on item availability.   

    WHERE TO FIND UPDATES ON PREORDERS: under the product description, we publish an approximate arrival date. This is subject to change and we do not control that. We update by email once we know arrival dates on confirmed shipment to our warehouse. We have recently added this page to update on confirmed items coming our way. Confirmed shipment means coming within 2 weeks. Once the shipment is on its way to us we do have an estimated arrival date which we will also post on top of the list.  

    Once your item arrives at our warehouse you will receive your tracking number via email.


    I PREORDERED BUT MY ITEM IS NOT LISTED: If your item is not listed on this page it could be because we have either not received an update from Loungefly or it is not expected to ship within the next 2 weeks. we will keep you informed once we know. Trust that we are as excited to ship your items as you are to receive them. 

    PREORDER CANCELLATIONS?: we thank you for trusting our small business with your preorder. So if you have to cancel your order we offer store credit for all cancellations. If you still would prefer a credit back to your original form of payment then please know that we do charge a 15% fee. 

    I hope we have answered your question, and please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at if you have an additional question on preorders.